1.1 Purpose of the Collection Development Policy

The collection development policy is intended to provide guidance, within budgetary and space limitations, for the selection and evaluation of materials and formats which anticipate and meet the needs of the community. It directly relates the collection to the library’s mission statement. As the community changes, the library will reassess and adapt its collections, formats, and technology to reflect new and emerging areas of interest and concern. The collection development policy will be periodically evaluated and revised as necessary to provide guidance for implementing changes in the collection.

1.2 Philosophy of Selection

Book selection is based on community interest but also the diverse perspectives of the community as well being representative of ideas, viewpoints and experiences not represented in the community. The library upholds the right of the individual to secure information. The choice of library materials is an individual matter. Responsibility for the reading materials of children and young adults’ rests with their parents or guardians. Materials available in the library present a diversity of viewpoints, enabling citizens to make the informed choices necessary in a democracy.

1.3 Criteria for Selection

All materials, whether purchased or donated, are considered in terms of the criteria listed below. An item need not meet all of these standards in order to be added to the collection.

  • Popular interest
  • Currency of information
  • Local emphasis
  • Appropriateness of subject to the needs of intended audience
  • Reputation of author, publisher, producer, or illustrator
  •  Creative, literary, or permanent value
  • Critical assessments in a variety of professional journals
  • Format and ease of use
  • Circulation as monitored through the automated system
  • Cost and availability
  • Relationship to existing materials in collection
  • Relationship to materials in other area libraries
  • Interests and needs of the community
  • Representation of diverse points of view

The library strives to balance the collection with perspectives from all points of view and does not endorse or promote one perspective in the library collection. Requests are reviewed by librarians and held to the Criteria for Selection. Patron requests do not guarantee purchase by the library. Requests by patrons are always welcome and can be made by completing the Library Materials Request Form.

1.4 Collection Maintenance

The library holds to the principle de-selection (weeding) of materials is equally important as the selection of materials. Librarians and library staff use training, professional judgement and computer-generated reports when making the decision to weed books or other library material. Books and other library materials have an ending of usefulness to the collection. This ending is based on the following:

  • Inaccurate or out-of-date content 
  • Physical Condition
  • Lack of circulation
  • Changing interest or community need

Weeded or discarded library materials will either be environmentally recycled for their paper or sold a Friends of the Library Book sales. When necessary, the library will replace or repair an item that is still deemed useful, current, or needed, but condition has determined it is ending.

1.5 Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials

The library is committed to listening to the voices of the community it serves. Your interest is appreciated. To that end, if a citizen wishes to challenge a book held in the library, they may do so by completing the Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials Form (Please see below).

Once the completed form has been submitted, the Library Director will appoint a review committee of library staff members with appropriate professional expertise. After a thorough review has been completed, the committee will make its recommendation to the Library Director. The Library Director will review the committee's findings and contact the requesting party with a decision. You will receive notification of the progress or decision of this request within 30 days from the date the form is received by library staff. If the requesting party is not satisfied, and wishes to appeal the decision, the request will then be forwarded to the Library Advisory Board. The Library Advisory Board and the Library Director will have the final decision on any request for the removal of materials from the library.

1.6 American Library Association Guidelines

In support of its mission the Kings County Library fully endorses the principles documented in the Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read, the Freedom to View and the Guidelines on Intellectual Freedom adopted by the American Library Association.




Reviewed by the Kings County Library Advisory Board on September 15, 2022

In 1999-2000, the Kings County Library applied for and received grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The U.S. Library Program of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation works in partnership with public libraries to provide access to computers, the Internet and digital information for patrons in low-income communities in the United States.  Through the generosity of the Gates Foundation, the Kings County Library received new personal computers (PCs) for the use of patrons in each branch library. The number of PCs received by each branch was determined by the Gates Foundation and was based on community population and other criteria. Since 2000, we have updated and replaced computer hardware and software at all Kings County branch libraries. We have also added additional PCs at all of our branches to meet the growing demand of our patrons.

Currently, all Kings County public computers have Windows 7 as the operating system and Microsoft Office 2010.  


Patrons must have a library card and PIN number in their possession to utilize public computers. Patrons not having a library card can utilize the public computers by obtaining a one day guest pass through showing a valid photo ID. At all branch libraries, PC Reservation electronic computer reservation is used. Public access computers shut down 10 minutes before closing.


Downloading files from the Internet is not permitted. Executables, whether from a personal memory device or online will not run on public library PCs. Additionally, patrons may not bring digital cameras and software to the library to download on public PCs.


Headphones are available for patron use. Patrons may bring their own headphones for use as well.

Internet Access

The Kings County Library Internet policy was revised and adopted by the Board of Supervisors on November 4, 2008. Please read our revised policy regarding public internet use. Kings County Library is interested in the safety of our minor patrons. To that end, we have developed a policy on Internet Safety and Minors at the Library.


Printing is now available in all branch libraries. Patrons will be charged 25 cents per printed page for black & white ALL items printed. Color printing is available at Hanford, Lemoore, and Corcoran libraries for $1.00 per page. Printing is only available on standard letter-sized paper. We cannot print on legal size, envelopes, card stock, transparencies, or other non-standard materials.

Printing on the Internet

All libraries use LPTONE print management system. Patrons must read and follow the directions on the screen when printing. Printing is available in all branch libraries. Patrons will be charged 25 cents per printed black and white page and 1.00 for color page for ALL items printed. Printing is only available on standard letter-sized paper. We cannot print on legal size, envelopes, card stock, transparencies, or other non-standard materials.

Saving Files

Patrons are allowed to bring outside memory sticks for use on Library PCs. The library is not responsible for files that become corrupt, lost or damaged on such memory devices. Patrons are encouraged to know how to save their own material as staff can give limited assistance.

Time Limit

 1 hour/day per person, enforced by PC Reservation electronic computer timing software (time used at one library will count at all other Kings County Library locations). A valid library card & four digit PIN Number is required to use the computers. Time may be extended at the discretion of library staff for up to 60 minutes with a maxiumum use of 2 hours per day.


The purpose of this policy is to affirm the Kings County Library dedication to the principle of confidentiality of library patron records and expectation of privacy when using library materials, and to identify those limited circumstances under which information regarding a patrons use of the Library will be released to third parties.


All records pertaining to the use of Kings County Library materials by a Library patron shall remain confidential other than records relating to fines imposed on borrowers and, in accordance with Government Code section 6254(j), such confidential records will not be disclosed in response to requests under the Public Records Act (Government Code sections 6250 and following). "Records" includes all forms of communication related to public business, except as noted above, including any writing, picture, sound, or symbol, whether paper, fiber, magnetic, or other media. No employee or volunteer shall make information regarding such records or a customer's use of the Library's materials, equipment or facilities (including the Library Meeting Room) available to any third party except in accordance with the court or other orders or search warrants described in this Policy. Records relating to fines imposed on borrowers must be disclosed when properly requested under the Public Records Act, as must rental agreements for use of the Library Meeting Room which are disclosable public contracts.

The confidential patron records referred to in this Policy, whether print or electronic, include but are not limited to:

Circulation records from any library branch

Library card registration records

Interlibrary loan requests

Patron material requests (holds)

Computer booking records

Web site records

Reference requests received in person or via email or telephone.

The confidential information in these records includes, but is not limited to:

Subjects researched

Materials consulted

Individual titles borrowed

Patron name, address, phone number, driver’s license or DMV identification card number, and social security number or tax identification number


With the exception of Library personnel performing their required library duties, Library patron records may only be disclosed:

To the patron himself/herself upon verification of identity

To the parents of minor children under specific circumstances (see "Minors" below.)

Under court-issued order, subpoena or search warrant, in which case Library staff are to refer all requests for information to Library management for referral to its legal counsel, the Kings County Counsel, for review prior to any decision on compliance. 

The Kings County Library will honor a properly issued and served court order, subpoena or search warrant issued by an appropriate state or federal court, subject to the following procedures:

Any employee who receives the request for Library records shall ask for the identification of the person or entity making the request and then immediately refer such person or the agent or officer of that person or entity to the Library Manager or, in the absence of the Library Manager, to the person-in-charge of the Library building.

The Library Manager or person-in-charge should attempt to contact the Library's legal counsel (Kings County Counsel) and to have such legal counsel present. In the event that legal counsel is not available, the Library Manager or person-in-charge should only meet with the requesting person or agent with another Library staff member in attendance.

If the requesting person or entity or the agent or officer of that person or entity does not have a court-issued order, subpoena or search warrant compelling production of the records, the Library Manager or person-in-charge shall explain the Library's confidentiality policy and the State's confidentiality law and inform the person that Library patron records are not available except when such an order, subpoena or search warrant has been presented.

If the court order is in the form of a court-issued order or subpoena, before any records are produced the Library's legal counsel shall examine the order or subpoena for any legal defect, including the manner in which it was served on the Library, the breadth of its request, its form, or any insufficient showing of good cause made to the court.

If the order is in the form of a duly-issued search warrant, the agent or officer may legally begin the search of Library records as soon as the Library Manager or person-in-charge is served with the order. However, the Library Manager or person-in-charge should ask to have the Library's legal counsel present before the search begins in order to allow the Library's legal counsel an opportunity to examine the sufficiency of the search warrant and to assure that the search conforms to the terms of the search warrant.

If the order is a search warrant issued under the Foreign Intelligence Security Act, no information regarding the existence of the search warrant or of the records that have been produced pursuant to the warrant shall be disclosed to any other party, including the patron whose records are the subject of the search warrant. The Library Manager or person-in-charge does have the right to and shall seek legal advice concerning the warrant from the Library's legal counsel and shall request that the Library's legal counsel be present during the actual search and execution of the warrant.


If a Library cardholder is under the age of 18 and is not an emancipated minor, the parent or legal guardian (with acceptable identification) who signed for the child’s card or who can provide proof of parental or legal guardian relationship may be given information regarding that child's record.


This Policy is subject to all applicable state laws regarding confidentiality of Library records, including the following, and in the event of a conflict between such laws and this Policy, the provisions of such laws shall prevail:

California Government Code Sec. 6267. Registration and circulation records of libraries supported by public funds. 

All registration and circulation records of any library which is in whole or in part supported by public funds shall remain confidential and shall not be disclosed to any person, local agency, or state agency except as follows: 

(a) By a person acting within the scope of his or her duties within the administration of the library. 

(b) By a person authorized, in writing, by the individual to whom the records pertain, to inspect the records. 

(c) By order of the appropriate superior court.

As used in this section, the term “registration records” includes any information which a library requires a patron to provide in order to become eligible to borrow books and other materials, and the term “circulation records” includes any information which identifies the patrons borrowing particular books and other material.

This section shall not apply to statistical reports of registration and circulation nor to records of fines collected by the library.

VI. USA PATRIOT ACT (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001)

Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act, Access to Records Under Foreign Intelligence Security Act (FISA), allows an FBI agent to obtain a search warrant for "any tangible thing," which can include books, records, papers, floppy disks, data tapes, and computers with hard drives; permits the FBI to compel production of library circulation records, Internet use records, and registration information stored in any medium; and provides that libraries or librarians served with a search warrant issued under FISA rules may not disclose, under of penalty of law, the existence of the warrant or the fact that records were produced as a result of the warrant.

Staff shall adhere to the provisions of Section III-4 of this Policy when disclosing information to an FBI agent in response to a search warrant issued under the terms of the USA Patriot Act.

Adapted with permission from Napa County Library on: October 29, 2008

Adopted by the Kings County Board of Supervisors on:  November 4, 2008

1. Overview

1.1. Kings County Library provides the community with limited, temporary space for exhibits, display cases, and bulletin boards to further the Library’s mission to provide information and services that promote lifelong learning, literacy, and love of reading to enrich the quality of life in our community.  To make the most efficient use of the space that is available, the Library established the following criteria for such material.

2. Criteria

2.1. Because space is very limited, preference will be given to Library, Library support groups, Kings County-related material, and as space permits, announcements of events and activities of tax-supported or non-profit educational, cultural, and charitable organizations.  

2.2. Objective material which presents both sides of controversial issues and which relate to supporting material in Library collections will be preferred.  

2.3. Space for political campaign literature, legislative lobbying, commercial advertising, solicitations, religious proselytizing, and personal notices or communications cannot be provided.

3. Acceptance or rejection of requests

3.1. Acceptance or rejection of material for display does not imply approval or disapproval by the Library of the ideas or opinions expressed.  

3.2. The Library does not assume responsibility or liability for materials exhibited in Library facilities.  

3.3. The Library reserves the right to refuse to post, and the right to remove announcements or posters which do not meet the above criteria or which have been posted for a reasonable length of time.  

3.4. Material left for Library consideration for posting cannot be held or returned.  The Library will dispose of all materials as it sees fit.

4. Approval

4.1. The Library Director or designee must approve all requests for exhibits, display cases, and bulletin boards.  

4.2. Any item placed in exhibits areas, display cases or on bulletin boards without prior approval will be removed and discarded.  

4.3. All exhibits, display cases bulletin board postings are temporary.

4.4. The Library reserves the right to establish material dimensions and duration of the display for all items in exhibits area, display cases and bulletin boards.

4.5. If elements of a display are judged inappropriate by the Library Advisory Board and/or the Library Director, the sponsoring individual or organization will be required to remove those elements immediately.

4.6. This policy does not prohibit the restriction of the bulletin board to specific uses by authorized Library staff.

5. Procedure

5.1. Parties interested in using Library exhibits areas, display cases, and bulletin boards space must complete and return the Exhibit and Display Policy Agreement and Release Form for approval.

Overdue Fines (per day) $0.25 cents
Maximum Overdue Book Charge 70% of cost
Maximum Overdue Periodical Charge 70% of cost
Maximum Overdue Books, Periodicals, Audio, CD, and DVD Charge 70% of cost
Returned Check Service Charge $20.00
Damaged Items  
Audio Books/DVD/CD per tape or disk $6.00
Audio Books/DVD/CD cases $3.00
Barcode Replacement $1.00
Media Artwork Replacement Processing Fee $10.00
Lost/Replaced Items 100% of cost
Lost/Replaced Items Processing Fee $10.00
Lost/Replaced Library Card (per card) $2.00
Meeting Room   
Meeting Room Use - Hanford Branch - 4 hours $40.00
5 Hours or More - Per Hour Charge $10.00
Test Monitoring $20.00
Obituary Search  $15.00
Interlibrary Loan Requests  
Book (Not In System) $15.00
Periodical Article (Not In System) Cost to Library
Copies & Computer Print Outs  
Standard & Legal Size Copies - B&W (per page) $0.25 cents
Legder Size Copies- B&W (per page) $0.50 cents
Standard & Legal Size Copies- Color (per page) $1.00
Ledger Size Copies- Color (per page) $2.00
Flash Drive (per drive) $5.00
Local History Room  
Research Assistance - 1 Hour $15.00
Per Image $10.00
Laptop Maintenance  
Lost or Damaged Laptop  $1,200.00 (per laptop policy approved Feburary 14, 2012)
Cracked Laptop Screen  $200.00 (per laptop policy approved Feburary 14, 2012)
Lost Heaphones  $10.00 (per laptop policy approved Feburary 14, 2012)
Lost Power Cord  $10.00 (per laptop policy approved Feburary 14, 2012)
Lost Laptop Mouse  $5.00 (per laptop policy approved Feburary 14, 2012)
Overdue Laptop  $5.00 per hour (per laptop policy approved Feburary 14, 2012)

Fees Effective February 1, 2019

The Kings County Library in conjunction with the San Joaquin Valley Library System (SJVLS) participates in the federally funded “E-Rate” program which provides affordable Internet access to schools and libraries. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires E-Rate participants to follow the 2001 Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) a federal law. This law requires us to filter our Internet access.

Internet Safety, Filtering and Minors

Parents and legal guardians are responsible for their children at all times while visiting the Library.  This includes responsibility for minor children’s use of the Internet.  To provide for the safety of our minor patrons and to be compliant with CIPA, the Kings County Library currently uses filtering software to block websites that promote:

  • Computer Hacking
  • Phishing (defined as a scam by which an e-mail user is duped into revealing personal or confidential information which the scammer can use illicitly)
  • Fraud
  • Tasteless and Offensive (material considered inappropriate for public viewing)
  • Terrorism
  • Spam
  • Adult Content and Pornography
  • Spyware

Computer filters cannot guarantee that all potentially objectionable material is removed.  Kings County Library cannot guarantee that a user (minor or adult) will not get to an offensive site or will not be inadvertently exposed to one as all computers are placed in a public area. Additionally, parents and legal guardians are responsible for monitoring, supervising and deciding which Internet sites are appropriate for minors in their custody.

Children and teens increasingly use email, chat rooms, instant messaging and other forms of direct communication.  All patrons, minors and adults, are strongly cautioned to use good judgment when chatting with others online, recognizing that unscrupulous people will lie about themselves for their own advantage. The Kings County Library urges discretion and caution with electronic communication, especially for minors. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for all direct electronic communication (email, chat rooms or direct message service) in which minors in their custody participate.   The Library encourages parents and guardians to read and discuss safety guidelines as set forth in "Child Safety on the Internet Superhighway" and “ConnectSafely” with children. Staff can also provide copies of these documents as well.  Additionally, the Library has a brief informational brochure available to parents regarding Internet safety while at the library suitable for children and teens.

Additionally, the Kings County Library follows the “Harmful to Minors” Statute: California Penal Code 313-313.5 , a state law.  All patrons who use any resource in the library are expected to abide by this statute in addition to the federal CIPA law previously mentioned. Individuals caught displaying pornographic material of any kind on Library computers or on their own laptop, notebook or any other electronic device while in the Library will be subject to a suspension of Library privileges and/or notification of law enforcement officials.

Adopted by the Kings County Board of Supervisors on: November 4, 2008

Kings County Library Online Library Card Application

Solicitud de tarjeta de biblioteca en línea en español de la biblioteca del condado de Kings

Online Library Card is valid for 6 months.

Before you can borrow physcial materials, you will need to visit your nearest Kings County Library with your ID and verify your account

If you already have a library card from the Kings County Library, you do not need to complete the online form. If your library card is lost or expired, please contact your local library for assistance.


Residents of Kings County may apply for a library card at any branch. By obtaining a library card, this will allow the holder to use the full range of library services in Kings County and in the member libraries of the San Joaquin Valley Library System.  

To obtain a library card, patrons must present a picture ID (Drivers License, CA  ID,  Passport, Consular ID, Military ID, School ID, Check Cashing Card, Work ID), verify current address (official mail example rental reciept, utility bill, checkbook) and complete a library card application.

Anyone under the age of 18 wishing to have a library card must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardian. Additionally, parents must fill out the application and provide the proper documentation as listed above. Parents and legal guardians assume full financial responsibility for anything checked out on their child's library card.

The first library card is free. Lost or stolen cards are $2.00 to replace. Please report lost or stolen cards immediately.

Patrons MUST have your library card present when you check out library materials or use computers with Internet capability.

Patrons MUST bring your library card and library materials with you to renew library materials.

Patrons owing more than $5.00 in fines are unable to checkout library materials. 

Patrons owing more than $5.00 are unable to have additional library cards created for their children. 


Patrons can renew library materials online one time through the ValleyCat or by calling TeleCirc toll free at (866) 290-8681.

Books check out for three weeks  and can be renewed ONE time, if there are no holds. Staff and our computerized renewal system, will not renew books more than once. 


When we reopen, new applicants will need to visit their local library to validate their library card before checking out physical library materials.

Online library cards will be processed Monday-Friday 10AM-12PM.

Online Library Cards will be mailed to the patrons within the week.



Library Loan Time Limits:

Books - 3 weeks

DVDs  - One week (as long as there are no holds)

TV series (set) DVDs – 3 weeks (as long as there are no holds)

Magazines check out for  one week no renewals

Short Loans check out for two weeks no renewals

Note:  These limits apply to Kings County Library items only. Items from other county libraries are subject to their rules. 

1.      Overview 

1.1. The vision of the Kings County Library is to be Kings County’s 21st-century meeting house. The Library is a gathering place that brings our community together. Our mission is to support lifelong learning by providing books, information, and other resources to meet the educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the public we serve.

1.2. The Kings County Library reaffirms the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights which states that facilities should be made available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliation of individuals or groups requesting their use.

1.3. This policy is designed to make our spaces accessible to the public in a fair and equitable basis. Adhering to our policies helps keep costs down and makes the Library a pleasant place for all.

1.4. Use of the Library rooms and spaces by any group or individual signifies acceptance of the terms of this policy.

1.5. Use of the Library rooms and spaces by any group or individual signifies acceptance of the terms of this policy.

2.      Service Priority

2.1. The Library staff shall have the right to cancel, reschedule or transfer room locations or dates that conflict with Library sponsored programs and will give as much notice as possible. The reserved use of space will be determined by the following service priority:

2.2. Library programs

2.3. Organizations supporting the Library, e.g. Friends of the Kings County Library

2.4. Agencies of Kings County

2.5. Local nonprofit educational, cultural, civic, or social organizations and groups, and individuals

2.6. Kings County for-profit groups, e.g. businesses, individual practitioners

2.7. To make the spaces available to as many different groups and individuals in the community as possible, the Library may limit the number of times a group or individual may schedule to use a space each month.

3.      Eligibility 

3.1. Any person who lives or works in Kings County is eligible.
3.2. Any organization, business, or group that is located in, serves or has a substantial connection to the Kings County community qualifies if the organization’s representative lives or works in Kings County.
3.3. As part of our academic mission, we welcome tutors and their students.
3.4. We do not allow partisan fundraising activities, political candidate promotional events or religious worship services during the Library’s operating hours.
3.5. Individual artists, musicians, and authors may sell their works.
3.6. At anytime the Library reserves the right to revoke or refuse permission to use a space especially when it is deemed to be physically inappropriate for the character of the room or disruptive to regular library functions.

4.      Facilities 












Kettleman City




401 N. Douty Street

501 East Kings Street

1001-A Chittenden Ave

104 Becky Pease Street

457 C Street

20300 Main Street


Hanford, CA 93230

Avenal, CA 93204

Corcoran, CA 93212

Kettleman City, CA 93239

Lemoore, CA 93245

Stratford, CA 93266


(559) 582-0261

(559) 386-5741

(559) 992-3314

(559) 386-9804

(559) 924-2188

(559) 947-3003


113 seats

27 seats

41 seats

33 seats

41 seats

33 seats


Mtg room 50 seats




















10:30 am-8:00 pm

11:00 am-7:00 pm

11:00 am-8:00 pm


10:00 am-8:00 pm



10:30 am-8:00 pm

11:00 am-7:00 pm

11:00 am-8:00 pm

1:00 pm-6:00 pm

10:00 am-8:00 pm

1:00 pm-6:00 pm


10:30 am-8:00 pm

11:00 am-7:00 pm

11:00 am-8:00 pm

1:00 pm-6:00 pm

10:00 am-8:00 pm

1:00 pm-6:00 pm


10:30 am-6:00 pm

12:00 pm-5:00 pm

10:00 pm-6:00 pm

1:00 pm-6:00 pm

10:00 am-6:00 pm

1:00 pm-6:00 pm


12:00 pm-5:00 pm

12:00 pm-5:00 pm

12:00 pm-5:00 pm


12:00 pm-5:00 pm



12:00 pm-5:00 pm


12:00 pm-5:00 pm


12:00 pm-5:00 pm


4.1.        All events, including setup and cleanup must be completed within 30 minutes of branch closing the times listed.
4.2.        Library rooms will not be available for use if the building is closed due to emergency conditions or inclement weather. Library staff will do their best to contact the person responsible for the group’s reservation.
4.3.        Use of the facility after hours may be arranged at the discretions of the Library Director. An hourly fee of $20 will be charged to provide qualified staff. Library operations will not be available to attendees.
4.4.        The groups should not disrupt normal library activities when entering and exiting the spaces.
4.5.        The Hanford Branch meeting room is accessible to the physically challenged.
4.6.        The meeting room MUST be cleared 30 minutes before the Library’s closing
4.7.        Meeting room rental rates every hour during regular business hours: $40.00 for four hours / $10 per hour every hour thereafter. Meeting room fees will only be waived for Kings County agencies.
4.8.        A facility deposit of $20 will be required at the time of use if the reserving party is serving refreshments. Once the meeting room is cleared after use the deposit will be refunded.

5.      Booking Procedures 

5.1.Reservations may be made in person or over the telephone by calling the Department Secretary at (559) 582-0261.

5.2.A completed and signed reservation form and payment of fee(s) are needed for a reservation to be confirmed.

5.3.Reservations may be made up to 3 months in advance and no less than 24 hours prior to use.

5.4.In the event of cancelation of a reservation, a notice of cancelation must be made tot he Department Secretary no less than 48 hours prior to the reservation date.

5.5.Refunds of reservation fees will not be made if the cancellation notice is not received 48 hours prior to the event.

5.6.A copy of the meeting room/facilities use policy shall be given to each group using the room. A representative of the group will sign the application form stating they have received a copy of the policy.

5.7. If a group fails to show without notification the reservation fee will not be refunded. The Library may choose to deny future reservations with that group.

5.8.Reservations/events requiring protective services (i.e. security) will not be permitted

6.      Care and Use of Facilities 

6.1.Meeting rooms must be left in the original condition. If the furniture is rearranged, it should be returned to the original arrangement at the end of the meeting.

6.2.Personal furniture or equipment may be provided by a group with prior approval. Arrangements for the use of any personal furniture or equipment should be made at scheduling time.

6.3.Keep all exits unlocked at all times. Open aisles must be maintained within the seating arrangement to provide clear access to exits.

6.4.Public entrances are to be used for all access to and from the building, including all deliveries.

6.5.Any announcements or notices to publicize an activity should not be posted or distributed on library premises without prior approval. Approval must be determined at the time of reservation.

6.6.Attendance at meetings will be limited to the capacity of the individual meeting rooms as listed in this policy. Seating and/or supplementary furniture are not allowed in corridors outside the meeting rooms. 

6.7.Food and non-alcoholic drinks may be consumed in the meeting rooms as long as the food or drinks are individually packaged or do not have to be maintained at a certain temperature such as packaged snacks, individual containers of soda, whole pieces of fruit, cookie trays, etc.

6.8.There are no custodial care services provided in connection with the use of a room. The group or individual using the room shall be responsible for topical cleaning of the room immediately after the use and the removal of all trash and leftover food.

6.9. No smoking is permitted.

6.10. No lit candles or other open flames are allowed.

6.11.The individual making the reservation, as well as the group as a whole, will be held responsible for any and all damages that may occur as a result of the use of the facilities.

6.12. Permission to use Library meeting rooms may be withheld from groups that have failed to comply with the Meeting and Facility Use Policy and from any group that damages the room, carpet, equipment, or furniture, or cause a  disturbance. 

6.13. Questions not covered in this policy should be addressed to Department Secretary, (559)  582-0261.

7.      Materials and Equipment 

7.1.The Library cannot provide audio/video or other equipment.
7.2.Users are requested to bring their own easels, office equipment, laptops, and supplies.
7.3.Users of the meeting room must supply their audio/visual, or any other specialized equipment.
7.4.Furniture and/or equipment from the main area of the Library may not be brought into meeting rooms.
7.5.The Library will not accept the responsibility for storing materials owned by the booking organizations between meetings.
7.6.The presenter, not the Library, is responsible for obtaining all rights regarding copying, performance, display, or distribution of materials for the event.

8.      Parking 

8.1.On street parking is available where all municipal parking rules and regulations apply.

9.      Publicity 

9.1.No group shall in any of its advertising, claim or suggest that the Kings County Library, any agency of Kings County or the library staff sponsors or endorses the meeting, the group or any particular set of ideas.

9.2.Groups may identify the Library and provide its address in their publicity as the meeting location, but may not give out the library’s telephone or fax number, or email address or invite potential attendees to contact the Library for further information.

10.      Liability 

10.1. Group or individual sponsors of events on Library property are responsible for liability of the participants, both active participants, and the audience, not Library staff, nor Kings County.

10.2. Groups sponsoring events are responsible for payment for all cleaning and repairs which must be made as a result of any damages to the facility or equipment.

10.3. Accidents or damages which occur during the use of a Library space must be reported to library staff upon the conclusion of the scheduled event.

10.4. The Kings County Library, its Staff or Kings County are not responsible for the loss or damage of a group’s or individual’s property.


 Reviewed by the Kings County Library Advisory Board on July20, 2017

To ensure that all people who use and work at the Kings County Library can do so in a comfortable and safe environment, the Kings County Library reserves the right to determine what it considers to be disruptive or inappropriate behavior by the patrons in the Library.  In order to ensure that every patron has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the Library, patrons visiting or using the Library’s facilities or services must comply with the Kings County Library Policy, Behavior in the Library – Patrons while on the Library’s premises. 

Dangerous, destructive or illegal conduct, including but not limited to the following, will not be tolerated:

  • Physical abuse or assault, including fighting or challenging others to fight;
  • Engaging in intimidating or harassing behaviors, including following or stalking other patrons or Library staff, staring fixedly or leering at others, or attempting to peer under another patron’s or staff member’s clothing;
  • Making violent or threatening statements to others; and
  • Damaging, destroying, stealing, or otherwise vandalizing Library property.

Any patron engaging in one or more of the above behaviors will be instructed to leave the Library immediately and may have his or her Library privileges suspended for a period of up to one (1) year depending on the severity of the violation.  In addition, law enforcement may be called and appropriate legal action may follow.

The following behaviors are also prohibited:

  • Using harassing, obscene, abusive, or insulting language or gestures.
  • Leaving children under the age of ten (10) unattended by a parent, guardian, or caregiver.
  • Annoying other patrons by talking, gesturing, or otherwise interfering with their ability to read, study, contemplate, or otherwise use the Library.
  • Interfering with Library staff’s performance of their duties.
  • Entering the Library with animals other than service animals authorized by law.
  • Entering the Library with bicycles, shopping carts, or other bulky items excluding items necessary to assist individuals with disabilities.
  • Using roller skates, scooters, skateboards, or other similar devices on Library property.
  • Eating or drinking in the Library except for bottled water with a secure top.  However, bottled water is prohibited in the computer room.
  • Smoking inside the Library or within 20 feet of any Library entrance or window, as prohibited under Government Code sections 7596 and 7597.
  • Possessing, consuming, exchanging, selling, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs inside or outside the library building.
  • Lying on the floor or sleeping. Sleeping in chairs for more than 15 minutes.
  • Using the public restrooms in any manner that is not usual or customary, including laundering or bathing.
  • Failing to wear a shirt, top, pants, skirt, or shoes.
  • Making loud or unreasonable noise, including but not limited to the use of electronic equipment or mobile telephones at a volume that disturbs others. Patrons talking on cell phones in the library at any volume will be asked hang up their phone or  to leave the building immediately. Ringer volumes should be set to silent or vibrate. 
  • Carrying weapons of any type.
  • Petitioning, soliciting, or selling merchandise or services including the distribution of handbills or flyers without the written permission of the Library Director.
  • Loitering outside the library, as prohibited by the Hanford Police Department under Municipal Code 9.04.20.
  • Adults loitering in the children's room/area without a child.
  • Refusal to follow reasonable direction from Library staff, including but not limited to leaving the Library during normal closing procedures or following a suspension of Library privileges or refusing to evacuate during an emergency.

Engaging in any of the above behaviors may result in one or more of the following consequences, depending on the severity of the violation:

  • Initial warning, given copy of Behavior in the Library – Patrons.  
  • Library privileges suspended for one day.
  • Library privileges suspended for seven days.
  • Library privileges suspended for up to one year.
  • Depending on the severity, time may be determined at the discretion of the Library Director or Library Manager

Patrons who are suspended from the Library for a period exceeding one day may petition to have their suspension reviewed by the Director.

Please inform Library staff if you observe anyone behaving in a suspicious or inappropriate manner. Thank you.

Adopted by the Kings County Board of Supervisors on: February 14. 2012.

1.2.  PURPOSE:  The purpose of this policy is to establish a Kings County Library procedure for filing, processing and resolving a formal or informal complaint filed by any patron with regard to any Kings County Library Staff, service or other concern/request.

2.1.  POLICY:  Kings County Library staff will accept, investigate and attempt to resolve all complaints received.  In the event an issue cannot be resolved, the patron shall be notified by the appropriate Kings County Library Staff as to why resolution cannot occur and what decision has been made regarding the complaint.

3.1.  PROCEDURES:  The following procedures shall be followed by all Kings County Library Staff upon receipt of a patron complaint:

3.2.  If the complaint cannot be immediately resolved in person by the Library Staff and/or the Supervisor/Lead in charge, the complainant should be encouraged to file his or her complaint by completing the Patron Complaint Form, including the patron’s signature or sending an email to askus@kingscountylibrary.org.

3.3.  If a complaint is received verbally, over the telephone or in any other form (e.g., mail, email), the Patron Complaint Form should be completed by the Library Staff receiving the complaint.

3.4  The Patron Complaint Form must be completed with the following information:

a. Date complaint was received.

b. (Referral): The department that will address the concern.

c. (Referred by): The name of the person who received the complaint.

d. Name of patron.

e. Address of patron.

f. Telephone/e-mail of patron.

g. Nature of complaint, concern or request, providing as much detail as possible to assist the department that will work to resolve the issue.

3.5.  Library Staff taking the complaint will confirm next steps with the patron. 

a. The Patron Complaint Form will be forwarded to the appropriate Lead, Supervisor or Library Manager for resolution.  

b. Assigned Library Staff will notify the patron that they have received the complaint. 

c. Library staff will investigate or review the identified concern and take appropriate action.

3.6.  The Library Staff person who resolves the concern should indicate the resolution on the Patron Complaint Form, and obtain approval and signature from the Library Manager or Library Director. 

a. If applicable, a follow-up letter, email, or telephone call informing the patron of the action taken regarding their request or concern will be done by the appropriate Library Staff.

b. A copy of the letter, if applicable and completed Paton Complaint Form will be kept on file.

Reviewed by the Kings County Library Advisory Board on October 18, 2018

Public Internet Policy

Our Purpose
The mission of the Kings County Library is to support lifelong learning by providing books, information and other important resources to meet the educational, cultural and recreational needs of the public we serve.  In support of this mission, the Kings County Library offers free public access to the Internet.

Public Access to the Internet
To fulfill its mission of providing public access to information of all types in a wide range of formats, the Library provides access to Internet resources for all patrons. This access is filtered in compliance with our participation in the federally funded “E-Rate” program. The E-Rate program provides affordable Internet access to schools and libraries. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires E-Rate participants to follow the 2001 Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), a federal law.  The Kings County Library will continue to filter Internet access until such time as we no longer participate in E-Rate or the federal law is changed. However, the Supreme Court has ruled that adults 18 years and older may request Library staff to disable the filter for legitimate use that does not violate the CIPA Law or compromise the Library network. The disabling of the filter would be for a specific period of time on a specific workstation. Parents or guardians obtaining a library card for a minor in their custody are required to read our Internet safety policy entitled Internet Safety and Minors at the Library regarding the safety of minors using public access computers with Internet while in the Library and more details regarding filtering. Ask staff for a copy of this document if you are not given one at the time of library card registration.

Choosing and Evaluating Sources
The Internet is a series of communication linkages leading to a highly diverse array of information content. Library patrons use it at their own risk. The Library does not monitor or control information accessible through the Internet and is not responsible for its content, for changes in content of the sources to which the Library home pages link, or for the content of sources accessed through secondary links. Patrons are responsible for using good judgment with regard to evaluating web site content and accuracy.

Public Users' Security
Users should be aware that the Internet is not a secure medium and that third parties may be able to obtain information regarding users' activities. However, the Library will not release information on the use of specific Internet resources by members of the public except as required by law. Additionally, all Kings County public computers with access to the Internet do not save history or cookies. The Library assumes no responsibility for items purchased on the Internet or any transactions involving the use of an individual’s credit card or any other personal information. Please read our separate section regarding Confidentiality of Library Records.

Adopted by the Kings County Board of Supervisors on: November 4, 2008.

The Kings County Library is dedicated to providing a welcoming, safe environment to patrons of all ages; and wholeheartedly encourages children to use its facilities and services. However, the Kings County Library facilities are comprised of public buildings open to all members of the public and therefore the Library cannot be considered a safe place for unattended children.  Parent, guardians, or caregivers are solely responsible for the supervision, welfare, and behavior of children in the Library.  

The purpose of this policy is to inform parents, guardians, and caregivers that the Library cannot ensure their children’s safety if left unattended and to provide guidelines in the event a child is left unattended in the library.

  • Library staff will not assume responsibility for the safety and well-being of any child.
  • Children up to the age of 10 may not be left unattended anywhere in the Library or on the Library’s premises, including areas designated for children. 
  • Children up to the age of 10 should always be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or assigned caregiver who is in the immediate vicinity and within line of sight of the child. 
  • Children 10 years old or older may use the Library on their own in accordance with the Patron Behavior in the Library policy, in order to select materials, complete school assignments or attend a Library program. 
  • Library facilities are not designed or licensed to provide basic childcare needs or emergency care.
  • Library staff may not drive children to any location, even at the request of the parent, guardian, or caregiver.
  • Library staff is not responsible for the safety and well-being of children left at the Library at closing time.

Any child left unaccompanied for an extended period of time may be approached for information concerning his/her parent, guardian, or assigned caregiver’s availability and informed of the Library’s policy.  If the situation continues, the appropriate law enforcement agency will be notified.  If a child is left unattended at the time of closing, and attempts to reach the parent, guardian, or assigned caregiver have failed, the appropriate law enforcement agency will be called.

Adopted by the Kings County Board of Supervisors on: February 14, 2012.

1. Overview

1.1. The Kings County Library encourages the teamwork of staff and volunteers so that it can offer patrons the best service possible. Library volunteers enhance rather than replace the work of Kings County Library staff, enriching the Library’s programs and services. Volunteer opportunities offer citizens a way to contribute to the community, fulfill personal goals, achieve a sense of satisfaction, and learn more about the Library.

1.2. Volunteers also aid the Library in making the best use of its fiscal resources and in contributing to sound working relationships with other community groups and organizations. 

1.3. The purpose of the Kings County Library Volunteer Policy is to clearly communicate the role and expectations of library volunteers and the library procedure for accepting, selecting, training and supervising volunteers. 

2. Definition of Volunteer 

2.1. For this policy, a library volunteer is defined as an individual who assists with regular work done at, or on behalf of, the Kings County Library without promise, expectation or receipt of compensation for services rendered.  

3. Compensation and Benefits

3.1. Neither the County nor the Library provides any medical, health or benefits for any volunteer. 

3.2. Volunteers may receive accident benefits by Kings County in the event an accident occurs during the course of work on behalf of the Library. 

3.3. Nothing in this policy or in the volunteer's service to the Library shall create a contract or employment relationship between the volunteer and the Library.  

3.4. Both the volunteer and the Library have the right to end the volunteer's association with the Library at any time.  

4. Responsibilities

4.1. Upon the direction of the Director or Volunteer Coordinator, volunteers have the opportunity to assist the staff with various tasks throughout the Library.  

4.2. All volunteers are considered to represent the Library while involved in Library activities, particularly when dealing with the general public.  

4.3. All volunteers will still be required to conform to all the rules and regulations of the Library paid staff.

5. Recruitment

5.1. Volunteers shall be recruited without regard to any individual’s, race, creed, color, national origin, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, physical appearance, socioeconomic level, education level or any other legally protected characteristic. 

5.2. Volunteer screening and placement is the responsibility of the Volunteer Coordinator and additional supervisory staff.  

5.3. The Library cannot guarantee the placement of any person seeking to volunteer with the Library.  

5.4. Volunteers cannot work more than (4) hours per day.

5.5. Volunteers are selected based on their qualifications in relation to the needs of the Library. Volunteers are placed in positions best suited to their skills, interests and availability. The Library is not able to guarantee a position for each prospective volunteer and has the right to decline any application without cause. 

5.6. Volunteer placement is based on the following:

5.6.1. Needs of the Library at any given time

5.6.2. Qualifications of volunteer applicants

5.6.3. Volunteer's ability to commit to a consistent schedule of hours

5.6.4. Availability of staff time to supervise volunteers

5.7.Youth Volunteers

5.8. The Library welcomes volunteer applicants at least 16 years of age or older. Volunteers age 17 and under must have written permission from a parent or guardian. 

5.8.1. Youth volunteers can earn Service Learning/Community Service hours per school district requirements

5.8.2. Youth volunteers cannot work more than four (4) hours per day.

5.8.3. Youth volunteer placement is based on the following: Needs of the Library at any given time Qualifications of volunteer applicants Volunteer's ability to commit to a consistent schedule of hours Availability of staff time to supervise volunteers

6. Application & Review Processes

6.1. All library volunteer applicants must complete a volunteer application form. Forms are available at the library checkout desk and on the library’s website.

6.2. Applicants are interviewed for possible placement by the library’s volunteer coordinator. When relevant, testing of applicants may be required to determine eligibility for assignment.

6.3. If there are no suitable volunteer opportunities available immediately, application forms will be kept on file for a period of six months. Applicants are called if an assignment is identified which matches their interests and qualifications.

6.4. Volunteers 18 years or older must be willing to consent to a background reference check (fingerprinting) Volunteer placement is contingent upon the outcome of this check.

7. Volunteer Position Job Titles/Job Descriptions

7.1. Volunteer job descriptions are detailed in the Volunteer Manual

7.2. Volunteer job titles include the following:

•Book Mender

•Book Sale Coordinator


•Computer Coach

•Computer Lab Monitor

•History Room Assistant

•Local History Curator

•Online Book Sale Assistant

•Shelf Reader

•Special Events Assistant

•Teen Services Volunteer

•Toy Cleaner

•Veterans Benefits Coach

•Volunteer Coordinator

8. Volunteer Work Assignments, Training, & Supervision

8.1. Volunteers will not be scheduled until they have completed a library orientation and training and have reviewed all relevant library and county policies and procedures.

8.2. A Library volunteer will be scheduled for assignments by the volunteer coordinator or designated library staff member. 

8.3. Typically, volunteers will be scheduled to work on a consistent schedule, depending on the library’s needs. 

8.4. Volunteers should contact the volunteer coordinator before their assigned shift if they will be absent or tardy. 

8.5. A pattern of absences or tardiness may be cause for a volunteer to be excused from assignment. 

8.6. Volunteers who are family members of library staff may not be placed under the direct supervision of their family member. 

9. Restrictions

9.1. Volunteers must sign in to begin their work day and must wear Library volunteer badge during their shift.

9.2. Volunteers will not receive training in the Library's circulation system nor will they be allowed access to the patron database.  

9.3. Volunteers will not be allowed access to non-public areas when not volunteering.  

9.4. Volunteers may not:

•Perform activities that could reveal confidential patron information.

•Use the Integrated Library System (ILS).

Reviewed by the Kings County Library Advisory Board on September 28, 2017


1. Overview 

1.1. The mission of the Kings County Library: To support lifelong learning by providing books, information, and other resources to meet the educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the public we serve. 

1.2. Library programs are free and open to the public and are intended to promote and enhance the collections, services and mission of the Kings County Library. Library programs are developed and presented for adults, teens, and children. All programs must be approved by the library’s Programming Committee before being added to the master class schedule. 

1.3. Program requests from the public, which complement the library's collections, services, and goals are selected by the Programming Committee according to the needs and interests of the community; the suitability of each library's physical space; the program's contribution to the library's overall schedule of events; and the availability of Library staff to assist with the presentation of the program at the library venue. 

1.4. Programs must comply with the library meeting room policies, which mandate the program be open to the public, free of charge and prohibit commercial advertising or direct solicitation. Any promotion of for fee products and/or services is prohibited. Applicants may also inquire with Library Administration, at 559-852-4005, regarding library meeting room use policy for programs not co-sponsored with the library. 

1.4.1. Meeting room policies can be found at https://www.kingscountylibrary.org/meeting-room 

1.5. Kings County Library reserves the right to: 

1.5.1. Cancel any program up to and including the scheduled day. 

1.5.2. Change or modify the master class schedule. 

1.5.3. Change the date and/or time of a previously scheduled class or presentation. 

1.5.4. Request documentation and/or proof of the expertise of class instructors on their class topic. 

1.6. The library is not responsible for any cancelled programs if the instructor does not arrive on time. 

2. Programs with the Library 

2.1. Individuals and organizations interested in partnering with the library on programs are invited to submit a proposal according to the guidelines set forth below. A library program that involves community members and/or community groups will: Reviewed by the Kings County Library Advisory Board on February 15, 2024 

2.1.1. Actively involve collaboration and communication with a library staff member including planning, promotion and production including library staff present at the program and evaluation. 

2.1.2. Introduce new topics and subjects of interest to the community and/or promote collections, services and resources. 

2.1.3. Possess a set duration and an established end date, unless otherwise approved by a library supervisor/manager. 

2.1.4. Be subject to regular evaluation and improvements by library staff. 

2.1.5. Be flexible and accommodate new programming and library initiatives. 

3. Program Scheduling 

3.1. Program requests are accepted in the order they are received. A 60-day notice is appreciated, but the library will accommodate instructors as staff availability and the master schedule allows.



Kings County Library Program Request Application

1. Contact name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, email address :



2. Name of organization (if any): 


3. Description of program:

Title and outline of program: 


Format (lecture, film, panel discussion, etc.):

Estimated cost of program and source of funding (if any): 

Names of speakers and/or performers with biographical information:


4. Previous presentations of this program, if any (including a publicity sample): 


5. Describe how your program complements the library collections, services, goals and interests of the community. 


6. Preferred branch library location: 


7. Preferred date(s), day(s), and time(s): 


8. Intended audience and estimated audience size: 


9. Any additional publicity services that you can provide to promote program, such as a listserv, website, or social media posting: 


10. Equipment needs:


11. Public performance or screening rights, if applicable:


Programs are reviewed by the Programming Committee during their monthly meeting. Applicants will be notified of acceptance or rejection within approximately three weeks of submission deadlines.

If the program request is accepted: 

The Kings County Library will: 

• Identify a staff member who will serve as your contact and attend your program 

• Provide a space and set-up 

• Produce appropriate publicity, such as press releases to the local media, appropriate printed materials, and inclusion the library's monthly calendar of events

The partnering organization or individual will: 

• Provide a contact person who is authorized to make decisions and will attend your program 

• Work with the library contact person to coordinate publicity, meet publicity deadlines and provide complete information


Reviewed by the Kings County Library Advisory Board on: February 15, 2024