1. Overview

1.1. Kings County Library provides the community with limited, temporary space for exhibits, display cases, and bulletin boards to further the Library’s mission to provide information and services that promote lifelong learning, literacy, and love of reading to enrich the quality of life in our community.  To make the most efficient use of the space that is available, the Library established the following criteria for such material.

2. Criteria

2.1. Because space is very limited, preference will be given to Library, Library support groups, Kings County-related material, and as space permits, announcements of events and activities of tax-supported or non-profit educational, cultural, and charitable organizations.  

2.2. Objective material which presents both sides of controversial issues and which relate to supporting material in Library collections will be preferred.  

2.3. Space for political campaign literature, legislative lobbying, commercial advertising, solicitations, religious proselytizing, and personal notices or communications cannot be provided.

3. Acceptance or rejection of requests

3.1. Acceptance or rejection of material for display does not imply approval or disapproval by the Library of the ideas or opinions expressed.  

3.2. The Library does not assume responsibility or liability for materials exhibited in Library facilities.  

3.3. The Library reserves the right to refuse to post, and the right to remove announcements or posters which do not meet the above criteria or which have been posted for a reasonable length of time.  

3.4. Material left for Library consideration for posting cannot be held or returned.  The Library will dispose of all materials as it sees fit.

4. Approval

4.1. The Library Director or designee must approve all requests for exhibits, display cases, and bulletin boards.  

4.2. Any item placed in exhibits areas, display cases or on bulletin boards without prior approval will be removed and discarded.  

4.3. All exhibits, display cases bulletin board postings are temporary.

4.4. The Library reserves the right to establish material dimensions and duration of the display for all items in exhibits area, display cases and bulletin boards.

4.5. If elements of a display are judged inappropriate by the Library Advisory Board and/or the Library Director, the sponsoring individual or organization will be required to remove those elements immediately.

4.6. This policy does not prohibit the restriction of the bulletin board to specific uses by authorized Library staff.

5. Procedure

5.1. Parties interested in using Library exhibits areas, display cases, and bulletin boards space must complete and return the Exhibit and Display Policy Agreement and Release Form for approval.