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Mindfulness Classes

Class schedule:

Art Therapy by Susana Velasco-Gonzales

January 15th     11am-12pm

February 12th     11am-12pm

March 5th     11am-12pm

Breathing Class by Cindy Gutierrez

January 29th     1pm-2pm

February 5th     3pm-4pm

March 19th     1pm-2pm

Collective Reiki by Vera Sanchez-Ramirez

January 29th     3pm-4pm

February 12th     1pm-2pm

April 2nd     1pm-2pm

Mindfulness Meditation by Kim Burch

February 19th     1pm-2pm

March 5th     1pm-2pm

April 9th     1pm-2pm

Sound Therapy by Vera Sanchez-Ramirez

January 22nd     1pm-2pm

February 5th     1pm-2pm

March 26th     1pm-2pm

Tuning Fork Therapy by Diana Montijo

January 15th     1pm-2pm

March 12th     1pm-2pm

April 2nd     3pm-4pm

Vision Board Class by Share' Mayes

February 26th     1pm-2pm

March 12th     3pm-4pm

April 9th     3pm-4pm

All Classes are FREE and open to the public! Call 559-852-4011 for details or to register.

This project is made possible by a grant from Texas A&M University and the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Libraries & Veterans National Forum.
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