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Check Out Zip Books!

PLEASE NOTE: During the coronavirus emergency closure of the Library system, the Zip Books program is available.  Please carefully follow the criteria and steps below to complete an email zip books request and return your zip book to your local Kings County Library when we reopen after the emergency.  We appreciate your patience as this process may take a little longer than usual while we are closed.

Thanks to the California State Library, we able to continue requesting books through the Zip Books program. The Zip Books program is grant funded purchasing through

Registered patrons in good standing may request tangible books or audiobooks (no e-books). Requested items will be shipped directly to you from When you are done with the book, once the library reopens, please return it to your local branch!

There is a two-tier expenditure cap of $75 pre-tax for audiobooks and foreign-language items, and $50 pre-tax for all other allowable items. 

For more information or to make a Zip Books request, please the online form found at  



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